Most of our classes are 60 minutes, we run some condensed 45 minute classes. They begin with a slow yet deep warm up with increasing intensity. The core of the class will be focused on intense, deep stretching incorporating breathing and clearing of the mind. Each class ends by slowing it down and giving you time to enjoy a clear mind, before slowly leaving the class.

Our classes range from focusing on a deep core stretch, to fast intense flows as well as cardio strength based classes focusing on high intensity movements.


Level: Designed for Beginners or those looking to take it that bit easier.

This is our entry level class for alignment, strength & focus.

This motivating class develops alignment while building strength, stamina and flexibility. A great foundation class that is suitable for all ages and levels.


  • Core, upper body and leg strength
  • Flexibility and alignment
  • Discipline, power and focus

Hot Fusion

Level: All/Beginners

We practice the traditional standing poses of hot yoga, with additional flows to build strength, focus and stamina. A similar sequence every week allows you to build confidence in the heat. Allow yourself to rest when needed!


  • Core alignment and joint strengthening
  • Full body movements
  • Building the stamina and endurance
  • Deep breathing, benefiting the body, mind and soul.

26 & 2

Level: All/Beginners/Rehab

26 and 2 will bring you through the same 26 postures, all of which can be improved upon every time you practice. This class will bring, strength, balance and flexibility benefits no matter what level you are starting from.


  • Breaking yourself back into moving in a safe way
  • Focus on technique, this will benefit you in other classes
  • Learn how to modify positions or movements
  • Allow your body to heal with aggravation
  • Stabilise and build strength in your weak areas
  • Begin to get fitter and stronger

Boiler Room Flow

Level: All

Enjoy a class flowing in and out of those core poses we all love. Everything you want in a Yoga class. Get fit and flexible as you flow through each set. Experience strength and power balanced depth and relaxation.


  • Upper Body, core and glute strength
  • Flexibility, intensity and stabilisation
  • Increase your stamina
  • Learn to use your breath
  • Experience the full detox and clearing of the mind


Level: All

Untamed is a cardio class designed to build strength using fast movements, mixed with short breaks between. Working through several different flows to target shoulders, legs, abdominals and spine. The class is accessible to everyone, but isn’t for the faint hearted.


  • Burn lots of calories
  • Improved muscle toning
  • Enhance core power and strength
  • Build stamina and endurance

Sunday Recharge

Level: All

Relax and unwind after a busy week. Feel re-energised and ready to go.






Yin Yoga is a slow paced style of Yoga focusing more on passive stretching of the connective tissue, the joints and the fascia rather than using the muscles of the body. There is more of an emphasis on stillness and “sinking into the postures” rather than performing lots of movements.

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