How it works


in a really hot room

The benefits of hot yoga


Hot & humid conditions result in heavy sweating & increased water intake. This helps to flush out toxins from the body.


Warmer temperature conditions allow muscles to adapt to different movements quickly and make the body agile for high intensity workouts.


Hot & humid conditions, and intense yoga poses are an integral part of hot yoga, helping to elevate heart rate, develop strength and flexibility.


Working out in warm conditions helps your body to relax, improves breathing, concentration and helps conditions like Asthma.

how it works… 10 easy steps

Here is your ten-point checklist with everything you need to know to get started at Boiler Room Hot Yoga:


Download the Boiler Room app


Pick a class type and time that suits and book in


Grab your yoga mat, towel, and bottle of water


Turn up before class


Remove your shoes and place in a storage box with your kit bag


Make sure you are dressed appropriately as it's about to get hot!


Enter the boiler room and get your mat set up ready to stretch and sweat!


Stretch and sweat...and try not to think of the heat...


After class drink water, then coffee with new friends in the social area


Leave feeling great and book your next class!


Boiler Room is a purpose-built hot yoga facility just outside Hollywood in the Belfast harbor estate. The Facilities span 1000 sq ft comprising of a reception, large hot yoga room, and exceptional shower facilities.

The reception area includes storage boxes, valuable lockers, a social area, water cooler and shop for drinks and merch.

The yoga room is heated with infrared heaters enhancing the health benefits further. This facility has been designed with the customer in mind, offering a high-end space where you can enhance your health and wellness through the power of Hot Yoga.